come play with me, 2010

Come Play With Me explores childhood innocence and fragility in a world of "playing house", a nostalgic rendition of youth curiosity and imagination. The series took 3 years to complete and was shown as part of SnapToronto, CONTACT festival and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2010.

self portrait, 2013

Digital Photograph

Collage, 2007-2021

A mix of collage, polaroid and photographs, these pieces draw on influences of abstract surrealism with painterly qualities to create each unique piece.

Dallas green, 2009

36x36 Acrylic on Canvas


Plethora explores aspects of collecting and the varied passions of numerous collectors. This idea of collecting reflects not only self identity and interpersonal relationships, but how our personal belongings define our characteristics and serve as extensions of ourselves. Plethora was shown as part of CONTACT festival at Steamwhistle Brewery in 2007 and a piece is part of their permanent collection.